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Sequence® Actuated Diverter Valves
As a dedicated pond owner, we understand the sublime pleasures of tending and owning a garden pond.  We also have offsetting experiences related to high maintenance, the back-breaking effort required to clean filter media and eliminate the buildup of algal material and waste.  For your diligence, why not reward yourself with the new cutting-edge technology that Sequence has to offer? 

Rather than consuming hours every month to preserve the beauty of your pond, install Sequence® actuated valves to simplify water feature operation - and your life by creating a deep circulation or aeration redirect for wintertime operation with a flick of a switch.   Waste and buildup are flushed out with ease, blending 21st Century technology with the timeless organic beauty of a garden pond.   Make a sound investment choice, and choose Sequence for efficiency, easier maintenance, and ground-breaking technology for the avid pond owner.

MP-3DV-A24 Three way diverter valve with 24 Volt actuator
MP-2DV-A24 Two way diverter valve with 24 Volt actuator
MP-ABV-.5 ½” Unionized ball valve with 110 volt actuator
MP-A24 24 volt actuator for use with two and three way diverter valves (see part numbers MP-2DV-2 & MP-3DV-2 in accessories section)
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