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If you think choices made by your predecessors based on 1978 standards are good enough, . . .
then B73lean™ is NOT for you.

B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself!
For many applications, full compliance with the B73.1 standard can be a burden simply because you must pay for features you don’t need.
There is a more efficient alternative!

B73lean™ reduces minor features and cost while improving process performance and energy efficiency.  The result is a product that becomes a compatible replacement for ANSI/ASME 2-3-6 B73.1 pumps…all with lower acquisition costs, lower running costs and lower maintenance costs.

B73lean™ is easier to maintain
Its interchangeable design fits the old B73 input/output envelope but with a smaller footprint. Standard mounting, close coupled, direct back pull-out design eliminates alignment and calibration issues.

B73lean™ is less expensive to operate.
Smooth, resin-rich thermoset surfaces, elegantly simple design and fewer components make it far more efficient than the old pumps specified by
your predecessors.

B73lean™ Less Waste is More Profit.

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