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Waste Water Treatment Market

International Rectifier has replaced a 3x2x6



Rick Blunt, Facilities Maintenance Team Leader at International Rectifier Corporation writes:

"We purchased these pumps on the recommendation of our local vendor, who said that I would be very pleased with the performance.  Upon delivery of the units I was concerned about their ability to do the task because they had a smaller footprint and lower power requirements.  These concerns were short lived however, because once we got them started up we found that not only did they exceed the design criteria; they did it at a much lower motor speed, with less noise, and less operating vibration.  A wonderful pump, highly recommended."

OLD     140 gpm @ 53Hz & 78 dB (3X2X6)
NEW 160 gpm @ 46Hz & 57 dB (Genesys 3x2-6)



Aquarium Life Support Market

Landrys Restaurants or the Downtown Aquarium has replaced two long-coupled 3x2x6


Joe Jacques, Director of Life-Support for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver Colorado writes:

"My name is Joe Jacques, and I'm the Life Support Manager for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. My staff and I are responsible for the maintenance and operations of all the equipment used in keeping our animal collection safe, healthy and easily viewed by visiting guests. That makes it extremely important to utilize the best equipment we can both find and afford for the task at hand. Our exhibits require pumps and motors that can run reliably,efficiently and economically 24/7. I believe we found such a pump in the Genesys® 3x2-6. We had two Genesys® pumps replace a set of Ingersol-Dresser pumps (B73.1 compliant) almost a year ago. Right out of the box these pumps had several advantageous features. One, it is a close-coupled pump rather than the Ingersoll long-coupled pump (B73.1 compliant). This gives the Genesys® a  space saving smaller footprint with no need for realignment after a mechanical seal service. With the Ingersoll (B73.1 compliant), I would have to either dial align or laser align the pump/motor after such a service. This was either costly, time consuming or sometimes both. Another advantage is the ease of actually servicing the mechanical seal. It is a very simple task, easily accessed with no tolerances to adjust. Incredible time saver. We've been running these pumps 24/7 for almost a year without any problems at all. The efficiencies are equal to or better than the Ingersolls' (B73.1 compliant). The Genesys® pumps also run quieter and cooler. All in all, we are very pleased in the performance of the Genesys® 3x2-6 pump and plan to slowly phase out the Ingersoll-Dresser pumps (B73.1 compliant) in favor of the Genesys®. It is on the top of my 2011 wish list to purchase at least two more of these pumps early next year.




Aquaculture Market

Hubbs Sea World has replaced a 5 Hp swimming pool pump


Michael Paquette, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute writes:

"As an aquaculture engineer, working with salt water systems, the pump on a system holding thousands of kilograms of fish is an important selection. To me, a good system pump will be reliable, energy efficient, quiet, and will put out lots flow at low head. Finding these traits in available pumps at a reasonable cost had been pain staking. Anticipating the release of the Genesys® line which had promises of meeting all my desires, I hopped on board and put in three units. I’m happy to say, I wasn’t disappointed."



Our sales and engineering team is ready to help you place these pumps out into operation now! If you have some accounts that currently are utilizing ANSI B73.1 or B73.5M pumps, make sure to call us as we like nothing more than to strategize together on how to win replacement business. Don't hesitate to lean on us for:

    •    Performance plots
    •    Competitor comparisons
    •    Operational costs & savings
    •    ROI Calculations

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