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Sequence® Variable Frequency Drives
When two companies whose names are synonymous with high-quality in their fields come together, the result is sure to be one of the highest caliber.  Sequence Pumps coupled with the Yaskawa V1000 variable Frequency Drives (VFD): save energy, increase efficiency and allow the pumps to run at different speeds for different performance demands, increasing flexibility, while also adding to the life of the motor by running only at the necessary speed.  

Pumps should always be sized to meet a target flow rate against all system requirements.  Often times, system conditions require an intermittent increase or reduction of flow rate and pressure.  Ball valves are often utilized to adjust the pump output and though such throttling devices are effective, they are not energy efficient.   

A better and more cost effective method is to adjust the pump impeller speeds to deliver only the required flow and pressure.  For example, running at 80% speed, the input horsepower is only 51% of full load and by running at 70% speed, the input horsepower is only 34% of full load. In addition, the V1000 Energy Saving Control feature assures optimum performance by supplying the proper voltage for the load on the motor.  This added efficiency also reduces cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product. In fact, some utilities even offer rebates for installing variable speed drives in new or retrofit work.

Imagine the flexibilities of being able to expand, contract, or replace your water features without purchasing a new pump and the efficiency that translates into more money in your pocket to spend on making your pond and water features an even more enjoyable part of your life. With the Sequence pumps, you can be assured that the effort you put into your water features will glean the most rewards at the best price, the highest quality that you have come to expect from Sequence pumps.  “Work smarter, not harder!” Consult your factory representative to match products to your specific requirements
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